April 5, 2011

Where I would rather be today: Petco Park in San Diego

The San Diego Padres, my favorite team, have their home opener today. I'd like to be there with Vivian and Randy. We went to hundreds of baseball games together as a family, including playoffs and World Series.

The post season games of 1984 are still vivid in my memory. We sat next to one of my heroes, the late Pee Wee Reese of Brooklyn Dodgers fame, at the two World Series games in San Diego against the Detroit Tigers.

Attached is a photo of us at Petco in May of 2005. Within a month, Randy had moved to Austin, Texas while Vivian and I relocated to Las Vegas. Life goes on.

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Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Where are all the cats and dogs? Petco ALWAYS has animals for adoption around. That would be a great place to show them- and get them adopted!!! What could be better than an adopted dog from Petco Park? You could name him Foul, Bunt, Safe, Foul, Slicer, Catch, HOMER (single, double triple too!) Ump, Batter, URRROUT, Diamond, CheapSeat, dugout, batboy (or girl), and of course Pee Wee (at least until it's house brokken!!!) .... I think I will send this idea to Petco- the favorite place my PETS GO!!!