July 15, 2011

Where I would rather be today: the Grand Canyon

Awesome, but.....

We've been there twice and were somewhat disappointed. Here is the problem. Most of the images that I had seen on TV travel shows were taken from the air. It is not nearly as breathtaking from the ground. For example, you cannot see the Colorado River which flows through the area.

People who visit and see the Grand Canyon from the air via helicopter or small plane are totally impressed. You can also fly there from Las Vegas. Flights are expensive but maybe they are worth it.

My next post will be about the train trip you can book for Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon. The travel department at Auto Club in Las Vegas has information, so I assume other AAA offices around the country are also promoting this trip. Getting to the Grand Canyon by vintage train was almost as neat as actually being there.

Photos by Frank Barning


Anonymous said...

Frank, Your pictures are awesome.
For someone like myself who dabbles in photography, I am very impressed. Annajoy

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the North Rim? For my money it's more impressive than the South Rim, where I believe you shot the posted pictures. It's less crowded in summer, has a nicer, less commercial drive into the NP area and has equally stunning views.

Wow!! A vintage train ride into the GC .... sign me up for that. Can I catch it from Penn Station? ... lol.

J.A. -- '63