August 17, 2011

Where I would rather be today: TAHITI

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The exotic island of Tahiti is truly in the middle of nowhere. It is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii. The Barnings have been there twice, both on cruise ship stops.

I love to visit outdoor markets around the world and the photos here well illustrate the appeal. Some of the food items being sold are totally foreign to our American experience. How many fish this color have you ever seen?

Speaking of exotic, nearby are the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora are famous for their resorts and water sports.

From the Tahiti's website you learn:

What Is Tahiti?
Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that constitute what is officially known as French Polynesia. The island of Tahiti and the capital city of Papeete are located in the Society Islands, an archipelago that includes the high-rising islands of Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, and Bora Bora. Other dramatic island groups are the Tuamotu Atolls with the slender coral wreaths of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau, and Fakarava and the Marquesas - with the massive mountains on the islands of Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa.

Where Is Tahiti and How Long Does It Take to Get There?
The islands are located south of the equator, in the same time zone as Hawaii, and halfway between California and Australia. Papeete's Faa'a Airport (PPT) is under 8 hours by air from Los Angeles (LAX). From North America, nonstop flights depart LAX nearly every day on Air Tahiti Nui and Air France. Nonstop flights from Honolulu (HNL) to Papeete (PPT) are also available weekly on Hawaiian Airlines.

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