September 23, 2011

Remembering Baseball Hobby News columnist Max Silberman (1945-2009)

Max Silberman passed away on December 23, 2009. This is a tribute that I wrote at the time.
• • •
Max Silberman was a prince of a guy, loved our game, adored his collection and family and was a fine friend to many.

In 1979, Max was the very first subscriber to Baseball Hobby News and we still have his canceled check. Soon after, he became a columnist and he penned some of the greatest stories we ever had the privilege to publish.

There was a rule in the Baseball Hobby News office, and remember this was before email. The person opening our mail was directed to bring any envelope from Max directly to my office. No matter how busy I was, I shut my door and immediately read what he had written.

His tales were always beautifully written, requiring virtually no editing. Max was a brilliant story teller, the rare hobby writer who totally captured the essence of baseball and card collecting, and often with a well-developed sense of humor.

His BHN subscription label included his name, address and the notation, No. 1. To Vivian and Frank Barning Max Silberman will always be No. 1.
• • •
Max, who lived in Wynnewood, Pa., was a retired school teacher and a Navy veteran. He had served as an officer and was the driving force behind the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society. For many years, he was a fixture as a table holder at Philly-area card shows.


Jeffrey Leonard said...

I didn't know that Max had passed away. I remember him well. Again, those days in the early 80s were SO fun. That's definitely one of the important things that is now missing in my life.

Vivian said...

For more information on Max's beloved Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society you can go to

Among their officers are at least two avid hobbyists, Ernie Montella and Carl Goldberg.