January 31, 2012

Slot Machines with a Hollywood theme often make my day

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There is a great deal of competition for players in the slot machine areas of large casinos. Manufacturers attempt to attract attention by having appealing graphics, artwork that stands out in a crowd.

We recently posted pictures of slots with Chinese themes, including dragons. Also to be found are games featuring movies and movie stars, television personalities and shows, animals and famous rock 'n rollers, among others. When you have a show business personality or a TV or motion picture theme, a royalty must be paid.

Just because a slot is created with The Sopranos, eBay or Elvis as the hook doesn't mean it will be a success. If the game itself is not interesting, it will not last because of the competition. One of the most successful current slots is Buffalo, which features that animal. No one is receiving royalties of the use of the image.

Visually, just about my favorite slot machine is Viva Las Vegas which includes pictures of that motion picture's stars, Elvis and Ann-Margret. It has been a total bust and few if any can still be found here in Las Vegas. It is a very competitive business.

Photos by Frank Barning

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AMFAN said...

I am a big Ann-Margret fan. Several years ago, she recorded a number of "slot macine voices" for a Viva Las Vegas machine. I have all over Las Vegas, northern Nevada, multiple Indian casinos, etc but have yet to find it. I see you have a picture shown here on this page from such a machine, but no link to it. Can you provide me with any information on it? Many thanks... Jimmy Short.