October 12, 2011

Part 1 - How do you know you are hooked on cards?

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Bob Tryon, a part-time card dealer from Elizabeth, New Jersey, wrote hobby humor stories for Baseball Hobby News in our early days. No one in our almost 15-year run did humor better. Here are some highlights from his September 1979 article:


You know you're a collector when . . .

you have become a close personal friend of your mailman, because you've met him at the front door every day for the past eight years.

you have to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant because your dining room table is completely covered with cards.

you honestly cannot understand why your wife is angry at you for spending the mortgage and food money because a really good card deal came up.

you can remember that Amado Samuel appeared on a 1962 Topps rookie card, but you cannot remember the name of the girl that you've been engaged to for two years.

you get paid Thursday and are broke Friday after a visit to the nearest baseball card shop.

your brother is getting married on the same day as a card show, and you tell him he'll have to find another best man.

you tell your mother dinner was VG-Ex.

you become violent every time you see a rubber band.

you actually call the Post Cereal Company to find out if it still has any boxes of cereal or Jell-o in its warehouse from 1962.

you find yourself sorting cards that are already sorted because there is nothing else to do.


This is part one of several excerpts that we will post from Bob Tryon's story.

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